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When do you get the hell out of the way...and when not to? That is the question.

We hire people to help us fulfill our organizational dreams and aspirations.  We want to empower them and give them the ability to lead in the way they see fit.  We look for our team to speak up and fight for what they believe in.  But when there is something that comes up that you don't agree with, do you speak up or empower them to make the right decision?

That is a tough one.  And I believe it comes down to this. If your team is suggesting something that goes against your long term vision, then kill it.  If not, then embrace it.  That's it.

If I want to get to Los Angeles from Grand Rapids, MI there are countless ways to get there.  I could take I80 and take that across the entire country and into California.  Alternatively I could head south on I55 and take I10 across.  Two distinctly different paths...but both get me there.

If you want to take I80 and your team wants you to take I10, go with I10. If they want to go to New York instead as the final destination, that is when you redirect.

How you get to the final destination is not important, having a clearly defined destination is.

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