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hungry humble smart

A couple of weeks ago our Culture Curator, Becky Ploeg, had the leadership team attend Refresh Leadership put on by Express Employment. I was not familiar with Express Employment previously but certainly am now.

They brought in one of my favorite authors, Patrick Lencioni, to speak about his latest book, The Ideal Team Player. At first I thought Patrick, while a great author, was going to be a nerdy bore of a speaker…and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

He was dynamic and entertaining while explaining his basis for the Ideal Team Player. Patrick theorizes that The Ideal Team Player is one that is Humble, Hungry, and Smart. That really struck a cord with me and our team. One member of our team, Mike Zeilstra, commented that it matches up well with our own core values of Find a Better Way, Expect the Best, and Do the Right Thing.

Find a Better Way = Smart

Expect the Best = Hungry

Do the Right Thing = Humble

While this was not our intent when discovering our core values 4 years ago it does speak to the universal pursuit of Team Players and having strong core values. At Comfort Research we look for people that are passionate about Finding a Better Way to do everything they do every day. We want Smart people that like growth, evolution, and change. Those people must also Expect the Best of themselves, their teammates, and everyone they come into contact with…they need to be Hungry to make a difference. And finally, Do the Right Thing. Never do we want someone to have their ego get in the way of the best decision or the one that feels more right. They need to be Humble and respectful to the team and business.

So go out and seek to align your team to Hungry, Humble, and Smart including it in your own core values. We have found the value in it and so will you.


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