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How to recruit like a rockstar

Recruiting. It is hard. But you can’t have Rock Stars in your growing business without having some Rock Star recruiting. Here are some of the things we are doing to recruit our Comfort Research Rock Stars.

Blog – Let the world know who are and what you stand for. Your blog should be authentic and real speaking to what is important to you and your business. Whatever your passions are write them down and publish them on your website, FB, LinkedIn, etc through your blog.

YouTube Channel – You want to turn just as many people off as you can turn on. Every business is not a good fit for every person. Show the world and your recruits what it is like working at your place. They want to know. And it doesn’t need to be professional video…shoot it on your phone and edit it on iMovie. It is the content and insight that a candidate wants to know.

Always be Recruiting – You never know where your next recruit is going to come from. Keep an eye out for them everywhere and use social media to spread the message when you have an job opening.

Have a Absurdly Awesome Culture – You will reach and retain top talent if you have spent time building and maintaining your unique culture. This is probably the hardest part and will take the longest but will pay the biggest dividends.


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