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This isn’t my first blog on dreaming big. But I am such a fan of this topic that I couldn’t help but to revisit the subject. You might recall we discussed how dreaming big can make a big difference in your business and in the customers and the world that you serve. If you want to read more about that, check out my Dream Big blog There, we spoke about the notion that there is nothing worse than a small dream. I also outlined what it takes to actually create a big dream and bring it to life. Remember:

It has to make you uncomfortable.

It has to mean something if you reach it.

You have to talk about your dream.

You have to always move in the direction of your dreams.

But building off of the concept of dreaming, I want to try and take this conversation to the next level. WE all know the value and importance of dreaming big. In that first blog, I spoke about how to dream big. But now, I want to actually focus on why dreaming big actually matters. We always seem to fall in the habit of doing things or following the guidance of someone else without actually thinking about why it even matters. I don’t want that to be the case when it comes to dreams.

The reality is that big dreams lead to big success. Just look at how the Romans built the Coliseum. I obviously wasn’t there but I can tell you they weren’t sitting around and saying to one another, “Let’s build a small theater where we can put on some shows and let two people fight one another from time to time.” Hell no! They were talking about building the biggest, baddest theater that they could flood with water and put boats equipped with cannons in it to battle. They wanted to bring in elephants, tigers, and a whole bunch of other animals to march around while dozens of gladiators fought to the death. Those guys knew how to really ratchet it up and dream big.

Big dreams lead to big actions and big results. That is the best part about it. Steve Jobs dreamt big when he tried to reinvent home computers. That continued when he innovated the IPod, IPhone, and IPad. Oprah Winfrey dreamt big when she wanted to be on air and host her own talk show. She kept dreaming, and now has her own network, production company, and is largely considered to be one of the most influential media personalities in the world. And finally, Walt Disney dreamt big when he wanted to bring an animated mouse to life and start an amusement park for kids. He kept that dream going as he expanded to essentially take over the entire world with his clever characters.

These are the folks that dreamt big. Acted big. And then saw amazing success and results from their dreams. It starts with the seedling and a dream, but it is up to you to turn dream into action and action into results. Dreams + Action + Results = Success. And who doesn’t want to be wildly successful? But success is not an overnight phenomenon that just comes to fruition. It starts with the dream. If you want be big, dream big and follow through with big actions. Here at Comfort Research, we test this philosophy each and every day of our lives. You aren’t working for us unless you are dreaming with us. But in many ways the dream is the easy part. The relentless pursuit of it is what separates the success stories from just the dreamers. Because no one wants to be called just a dreamer.

To that end…keep dreaming. But also TAKE ACTION and chase your results like they are the most important thing in your life. Because if you prioritize them that way, then you are going to find that you begin to move the needle and change your world and the world around you.

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