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Don't rush out the door

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

I assume that many of us that are in the height of building their careers have a similar routine in the morning: get up, work out if you have time, grab food, and sprint out the door. I used to do that nearly every day.

A couple of years ago my wife suggested that I start dropping off the kiddos at school in the morning, which I started doing. It has been great. In that five or six minutes of time with them in the morning I get to make stuff up with them, challenge them to do something nice for others, or to learn something new together. It is cool hearing the stuff that they come up with during the brief ride.

But I was still rushing out the door.

The other day I took a few extra minutes to be more prepared so I didn’t have to rush. The difference in enjoyment we all got out of it was noticeable. We were all more relaxed. Our time in the car was better. My wife and I had an actual grown-up conversation.

It was phenomenal.

While I am not very good at this yet, I am looking forward to getting better. I felt the difference and my family did too.

Create time for yourself so that you can take your time. Don’t rush out the door.


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