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More and more today, companies are pouring endless resources into philanthropy and philanthropic endeavors. That means they are donating to their communities, non-profits, and other meaningful causes that help to improve the world around them. With this money, these non-profits can continue to grow, develop their own communities, and help those people who need it the most. There is no better feeling than seeing a successful company give some of its profit away in order to benefit others.

At Comfort Research, we pride ourselves in doing all we can to set aside money each year to support those businesses that we believe make the world a better place. However, giving money directly to a charity is just one way to support it. We try to take it to the next level. As I think through it and look at the not for profits with which we have helped, I learned that money alone is not the answer. In addition to funding, non-profits have a great deal of additional needs in the business realm.

At the end of the day, non-profits are still businesses that look to thrive and evolve. They do that through revenue streams, but also through mentorship, guidance, and non-monetary support. In working closely with a number of non-profits, I have learned from them that often times their greatest challenges are things like efficiently running their business, marketing to the consumer, fundraising, and hiring experienced executives.

In response to those stressors, we have started to work to offer non-profits more than just a payday. We now work closely with a few philanthropic companies to help them streamline operations, market for fundraising purposes, and forge strong partnerships that will help them to flourish and grow.

In addition to that, we have found that promoting that non-profit through our channels offers a great opportunity to offer these businesses something more than just money. Many times, the greatest challenges a non-profit face is not financial in nature. It is actually in execution and strategy. Since there are so many options to which consumers can donate their money, it is important to carve out your own brand and strategy to stand above the rest.

If we can help make others aware of the charity, then it becomes a snowball effect as more and more people become engaged and decide to support the cause. Then your donation is not “just another check.” In fact, it is something much more valuable than money.

The “teach a man to fish” analogy seems pretty appropriate here. If we can install a strong foundation in the non-profits with which we work, then the money we give them can go much farther and mean so much more. So the next time you decide to get involved and help a philanthropic endeavor succeed, give them more than just your money. Offer them your time, your energy, your know-how, and all the resources you have available to you. In the end that will be much more valuable than any check you can write.


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