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Fulfill a dream for someone else

Fulfill a Dream…for someone else.

This is a picture of my mom and my daughter parasailing in MX over spring break. While not extraordinary in and of itself, my mom has Parkinson’s and parasailing was on her bucket list.

We had to help her on to a jet ski that was rocking in the waves on the shore. We lifted her on to the boat from the jet ski. We stood with her getting the harness on for the parasail.

And then she flew.

I could not be more filled with joy in seeing her up in the air. Just knowing that I was able to remove this item off her bucket list brings me to tears. Helping her fulfill her goal was way better than fulfilling any of my own goals or dreams.

Whose dream can you help fulfill?

Oh, and now my mom wants to zip line over the Grand Canyon. It’s as good as done!


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