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'When everyone is responsible for feeding the dog the dog starves to death.' My friend and advisor Steve Johandes has said this to me before. And he is right. It is a popular thing to say that 'We are all responsible' for XYZ but the truth is that doesn't work. It sounds nice though!

Clear lines of responsibility and accountability need to happen throughout an organization. When it is said, 'We are all responsible' then no one is truly responsible and when no one is truly responsible no one is accountable and when no one is accountable s**t doesn't get done.

However, just because you are not responsible for it doesn't mean you get to wipe your hands of it either. High performers and high performing teams look for opportunities to be responsible and accountable. They don't avoid it.

I wanna get s**t done. I wanna make a difference. In order to do that, take responsibility, be accountable, and you will move mountains.

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