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'Creatures' of Comfort

Check out a recent interview Chip and I had with Design Daily!

Matt and Chip. The founders of Comfort Research. Energetically lighthearted with just a dash of mischief. So, I didn’t think they’d mind being called “creatures.” (More accurately, they are highly successful creators of comfort). They may not take themselves too seriously, but when it comes to leading the way in lifestyle furnishings, they mean business.

“We don’t look at ourselves as a company, we look at ourselves as this really cool, unique, funky platform that can then take our brand and make different things within the brand using the platform . .”

You’d think that launching the first bean bag chair into space would be the pinnacle for these two college buddies turned furniture barons (though again, they’re quick to humbly and humorously rebuff lofty or limiting titles). But when you’ve proven that you can cast interplanetary vision ahead of Elon Musk, you just have to move on to greater things. Ironically then, instead of reinventing the wheel, Comfort Research Founders, Matt Jung and Chip George initially set out to make bean bag chairs great again, and the rest is history.


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