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Are you using Personal Core Values in 2020?

It seems to me that Core Values and Culture are a very popular thing to talk about right now for organizations. Core Values are the lifeblood of any organization and it deserves our attention accordingly.   Keep on working on them as it will pay immense returns.

But all too often we fail as individuals to identify our own set of Personal Core Values.

We all have values that are core to us but most don't use core values in our personal lives. Well why the heck not! You are a bad mamajama organization of one and you should treat yourself that way!  By identifying your Core Values as a person you have a filter that can guide and align all of your personal and professional decisions. And then share them with those around you.  When you share them with others it can guide and align those around you to know what you value.

Start off 2020 on the right foot by identifying your own set of Personal Core Values just as you would for an organization and make 2020 your best year ever!


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