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5x5 start garden event

On September 25th at 5pm we will be hosting a Start Garden 5×5 night at the Comfort Research/Big Joe Galactic Headquarters.

For those of you that don’t know, Start Garden was founded on the ethic of finding fast, inexpensive ways to turn ideas into actions. They are huge supporters of entrepreneurism and our community as a whole. 5×5 Night is where 5 contestants pitch their business idea in 5 minutes, which is then judged by 5 judges, and the budding entrepreneurs compete for $5000…no strings attached. Freakin’ sweet!

We want support Start Garden and our community by sponsoring and hosting the 5×5 night. Countless people have helped me/us/CR/Big Joe along our entrepreneurial journey and we hope to do a little of that in return.

By attending you will also get an inside look at one of the 3 factories that makes the amazing Big Joe products, the Galaxy’s largest bean filled brand. We will be providing food, bevies, and of course our signature Orange Whip cocktails as part of hosting the event. There might even be a surprise giveaway at the end of the night!

Please pass this along and let’s come together to support our entrepreneurial community by coming out in droves on Sept. 25.

See you then!


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